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Learn More About Proton Therapy
Learn More About Proton Therapy

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Unprecedented Clinical Go-Live: Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

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Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) is an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center and the principal teaching hospital of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The proton therapy center is in a downtown residential area of New Brunswick, NJ, in a renovated MRI center that houses two MEVION S250 vaults. The proton therapy center opened in May 2015 and has been operating at a 98% uptime since then.

Treatment Mix

16.8% - intracranial region

14.4% - lungs

4% - craniospinal region

6.4% - prostate

12% - head and neck

46.4% - other

Proven Results

The MEVION S250 helped RWJUH expand its collaboration with other world-class medical centers. The hospital receives patients from sister NCI centers, such as the Yale Cancer Center, and treats them with proton therapy. The RWJUH proton therapy center currently treats 15 - 20 patients per day in an 8 hour shift, delivering efficient clinical workflow in as fast as 10 minutes for a two-field image-guided radiation treatment.