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Learn More About Proton Therapy
Learn More About Proton Therapy

MEVION S250-FIT Proton Therapy System

Enabled by the world’s smallest self-shielded proton accelerator, the MEVION S250-FIT Proton Therapy System™ is the first and only full proton therapy system that can fit in an existing LINAC vault.

The system features industry-leading HYPERSCAN® Pencil Beam Scanning for Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT), dual-energy large bore diagnostic CT at treatment position for IGRT and adaptive therapy, and FLASH research capabilities. It is also designed to support fast access to emerging technologies like ARC therapy, adaptive planning, dual energy CT (DECT), and more.

Thanks to the compact size, the FIT™ system will further reduce the cost and complexity of proton therapy. As the name suggests, FIT will enable a Fast deployment of an Integrated design and bring the Transforming power of proton therapy to more cancer centers.

*The MEVION S250-FIT Proton Therapy System, FLASH therapy, online adaptive therapy, and ARC therapy are not yet available for clinical use.