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Learn More About Proton Therapy

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Leaders in Radiotherapy Come Together at CSTRO to Discuss the Future of Compact Proton Therapy in China

Mevion Hosts Proton Therapy Symposium in Hangzhou, China

Mevion Medical Systems and Beijing Allcure Medical Technology Co. jointly held a symposium on “Trends in Compact Proton Therapy in China” during the annual China Society for Radiation Oncology Meeting (CSTRO) on November 9th, 2018. Leadership from Mevion and Allcure Medical presented at the conference, as well as representatives of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and clinicians from leading Chinese and US cancer hospitals. Central to the event was the introduction of the MEVION S250i ® Proton Therapy System with HYPERSCAN® Pencil Beam Scanning in the China market and the announcement of the ACOS-PT proton therapy module for the Allcure Medical cloud-based radiotherapy information systems.

Group Photo of Radiation Oncology Experts

Lawrence Yuan Tian, Ph.D., Chairman of Mevion Medical Systems led the symposium by introducing the background of Mevion compact proton research and development. Mevion was the first company to develop compact proton therapy systems, with the first clinical system treating patients since 2013. Today in the US, 75% of operating compact proton systems in US are Mevion systems. Despite growing adoption by leading centers in the US and Europe, proton therapy has been slow to be adopted in China until this point. Mevion is promoting the development and application of compact proton therapy systems in order to improve radiotherapy access in China.

Essential to the growth of proton therapy in China will be the support of national policy makers. Mr. Tieqiang He, the Deputy Director of Former National Health and Family Planning Commission Medical Management Center, presented advices to solve this issue through improvements in public awareness of the clinical technology, execution of clinical research to demonstrate favorable clinical evidence, and collaboration between industry and government representatives for comprehensive solutions. Mr. He concluded that proton therapy remains very promising to address the public health needs in China.

Experts at the Symposium

James Meng introducing the MEVION S250i Proton Therapy System in China

Two new product announcements were made at the conference. First, James Meng, Ph.D., President of Mevion Medical Systems introduced the MEVION S250i Proton Therapy System in the China market. “Compact proton therapy is unstoppable trend compared to the traditional multi-room devices. The MEVION S250i Compact Proton Therapy System significantly reduces cost, floor space, and operational complexity for a more realistic approach to providing access proton therapy. At present, Mevion compact proton therapy systems have treated nearly 3000 patients worldwide. The focus on patients and the constant pursuit of innovation have enabled Mevion Medical Systems to lead the compact proton radiotherapy market.”

Mr. Shigong Kang, Vice President of Allcure Medical announced the release of a new module for the Allcure precision cloud radiotherapy software - ACOS-PT which is designed for proton therapy departments. The ACOS-PT product is based on the existing Allcure Precision Cloud Radiotherapy technology which has three years of clinical use. The AI powered system can support machine quality control, patient quality control, provide therapeutic consulting services for patients, and enable proton center alliance management. ACOS-PT will now expand the reach of Allcure products into compact proton therapy system and jointly benefit more cancer patients.

Three speakers provided a clinical perspective on the importance of bringing proton therapy to China. Prof. Fuquan Zhang, MD, Director of Radiotherapy Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital spoke about the importance of radiation therapy for childhood tumors. He said, at present, children tumor incidence is high, particularly in central nervous system (CNS) tumors. He stated that, “Proton therapy has far less damage to neurological function than traditional photon therapy, and is the first choice for children’s cancer treatment. However, proton radiotherapy systems are rare, especially in developing countries. With the release ofcompact proton systems, large hospitals can be equipped with these clinical capabilities and more patients can receive proton therapy. I believe this is the trend of the future.”

Prof. Fuquan Zhang – Director of Radiotherapy Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Jonathan Lischalk, MD, of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital shared clinical cases with the HYPERSCAN proton therapy system. His department is the first in the world to adopt the HYPERSCAN technology, and they have gained significant clinical experience. He indicated that, in terms of clinical advantages, x-rays or photons have known serious, predictable, and frequent side effects. In the past, protons were mainly used for prostate, pediatric, and brain tumors. Today, field of proton therapy has become much more sophisticated and protons are being used for a much broader set of clinical indications.

Jonathan Lischalk, MD speaking about his clinical experience with proton therapy

Prof. Hu Yimin, Research Fellow and Chief Radiation Physicist, at the Cancer Institute of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences presented that Mevion protons systems have the similar equipment footprint and clinical operation procedures when compared to traditional linear accelerators, which make it particularly suitable for development in China.

Prof. Hu Yimin discussing the application of proton therapy in China

In the future, Mevion Medical and Allcure Medical will continue to cooperate to promote the clinical application of compact proton therapy systems in China. Both companies share a goal to build the world’s best network of proton therapy centers, provide cost effective and accessible proton radiotherapy services, and strive to improve the level of cancer radiotherapy treatments in China.

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