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Learn More About Proton Therapy

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Ackerman Cancer Center Celebrates 2,000 Patients Treated with Proton Therapy

The Mevion-equipped center treated its first proton therapy patient in April of 2015 and reached its 1,000th patient milestone in October of 2018.

LITTLETON, MA, March 31, 2022 – Ackerman Cancer Center (ACC), the world’s first and only physician-owned proton therapy center, has reached a significant milestone in cancer care with the treatment of their 2,000th proton therapy patient. The Mevion-equipped center treated its first proton therapy patient in April of 2015 and reached its 1,000th patient milestone in October of 2018.

“Congratulations to the team at Ackerman Cancer Center on achieving this significant milestone,” said Tina Yu, Ph.D., CEO and President of Mevion Medical Systems. “This remarkable success has been driven by the vision and leadership of Dr. Scot Ackerman and is a demonstration that proton therapy can be both a clinical and financial success. We are proud that the efforts of Mevion's dedicated team and our unique product advantages of long operating hours and high reliability have helped make this achievement possible.”

Proton therapy, a highly advanced form of radiation therapy, targets tumors with greater precision than traditional x-ray-based radiotherapy and can reduce the amount of unnecessary radiation exposure to vulnerable healthy tissue and organs. This benefit has the potential to reduce side effects and lessen the risk of secondary malignancies.

“With proton therapy, our patients receive a personalized and precise treatment and enjoy a better quality of life.” said Dr. Ackerman, Medical Director of Ackerman Cancer Center. “We are proud of our Ackerman Advantage, which refers to the way we take each patient’s cancer personally and provide the best treatment options possible. Being independent allows us to reduce time to treatment as well as remove any barriers patients have, allowing them to get treated quickly. Every day with cancer counts.”

Ackerman Cancer Center will honor their 2,000th proton therapy patient, Mrs. Shosh Orgad, at an upcoming event in Jacksonville, Florida. Mrs. Orgad is 70 years old and travels from Boca Raton to Jacksonville for proton treatments. Her husband, Mr. Izhak Orgad, travels with her. He was treated for prostate cancer in 2020 on the same Mevion system that she uses. “When I first came to Ackerman Cancer Center, I knew I was at the right place. When Shosh was diagnosed with breast cancer, I called the team right away,” said Mr. Orgad.

ACC treats many types of cancers with proton therapy, including head and neck, lung, breast, prostate, and others. Dr. Ackerman will be sharing the center’s clinical experience and patient-centric approach during Mevion’s Industry Symposium on April 5th at the National Proton Conference (NAPT 2022). Other Mevion users and partners will also join the symposium to discuss their experience using Mevion technologies to achieve both clinical and financial success for their centers.

Mevion will be exhibiting at NAPT 2022 in St. Petersburg, Florida, from April 4th to the 6th. All attendees are invited to visit our booth and join our Industry Symposium Lunch.

About Mevion Medical Systems

Since 2004, Mevion Medical Systems has been the leading provider of compact proton therapy systems for cancer care. Dedicated to advancing the design and accessibility of proton therapy worldwide, Mevion was the first company to innovate this new single-room platform and continues to further the science and application of proton therapy. Mevion’s flagship product, the MEVION S250i Proton Therapy System® with HYPERSCAN® pencil beam scanning, is the world’s smallest proton therapy system that eliminates the obstacles of size, complexity, and cost that exists with other proton therapy systems. Mevion is headquartered in Littleton, Massachusetts, with a presence in Europe and Asia.

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About Ackerman Cancer Center

Ackerman Cancer Center is a private, physician-owned radiation oncology practice with offices in Northeast Florida. With more than 30 years of experience, the interdisciplinary team is dedicated to the highest quality of care for patients and their support systems. The center offers advanced radiation treatment options, including Proton Therapy, on-site diagnostic and screening services, as well as comprehensive support services that include oncology specialized social workers, nurses, and dietitians. Learn more at


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