While traditional proton systems have been transplanted from physics labs into medical environments, the MEVION S250 was designed from the outset to be a practical medical device. The result is a modern design that is less complex, more reliable, easier to run, and far less expensive to operate. The significant reduction in utility costs alone leads to millions of dollars of savings over the lifetime of the equipment. And with less to go wrong, less to tune up, and less spent on operational overhead, centers can focus more on what is really important – treating patients.

Mevion minimizes capital outlays and project risk for every site configuration. In multi-room systems, the benefits of staged construction and simpler ramp-up deliver tremendous project flexibility and financial security. In single-room applications, the comparative cost equates to less than half that of traditional proton therapy centers. Best of all, Mevion’s modular treatment room design supports easy integration into existing facilities. With minimized capital outlays, maximized deployment options, greater architectural flexibility, higher facility uptime, and lower operating costs, Mevion brings high energy cancer care well within the reach of any community.

The MEVION S250 Proton Therapy System is USFDA 510(k) cleared and complies with MDD/CE requirements