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Learn More About Proton Therapy


Field Service Engineer - St. Louis, MO

This position is located in St. Louis, MO. 2 positions are available.
Job duties and responsibilities:

The Field Service Engineer will perform all the duties of an onsite system engineer including but not limited to:

  • Interact with the customer’s professional and technical staff at the site to resolve, personally or with Mevion backup, all operational issues with the MEVION S250 System
  • Maintain the required records for operation, service and customer problem reporting
  • Work on all issues necessary to sustain uptime to meet MEVION S250 performance goals and measuring and recording uptime
  • Provide feedback to Mevion for system performance and improvements as required, or recommended
  • Oversee and document any actions, alterations, or upgrades to the MEVION S250 system through the Device History Record.
  • Provide user training.
  • Manage on-site parts inventory
  • Make recommendations to Mevion concerning the necessary part and service tool inventory
  • Learn the operating principles and service techniques for most of the subsystems of the MEVION S250
  • Become proficient in all software, control system elements and user interfaces to the MEVION S250
  • Understand the electrical, vacuum, and water cooling systems of the MEVION S250 and Hospital infrastructure for the MEVION S250
  • Work with production, installation technical staff other site resident engineers to become completely trained in the assembly, repair and maintenance of the MEVION S250 System and assume responsibility for the equipment once installed at a customer site.
  • Assume a contributing role in the development, maintenance and distribution of the Service Manual including:
  • Writing and editing of work instructions
  • Working with engineering to develop diagnostic strategies and tools
  • Development of FRU and spare parts strategy
  • Be expert on Mevion Business Management System for service, surveillance and complaint handling
  • Prepare overall reports and metrics on service performance and complaint handling satisfaction
  • Other job related duties as assigned
Minimum educational, training, and experience qualifications:
  • Degree in Accelerator related technology such as physics, nuclear engineering, medical physics.
  • 7 plus years experience in the field of radiotherapy or closely related field
  • Experience operating particle or radiotherapy accelerators and performing diagnostic tests to evaluate accelerator performance
  • Facility with tools and test instruments
  • Facility with computer interfaces to instrumentation and control systems
  • Experience in Electrical Engineering or advanced Electrical technical work
    Other comments:
  • The employee will work at times in environments where devices producing high levels of radiation are operating. Devices use high magnetic fields, high voltages, compressed and liquefied gases, and radioactive materials. Strict adherence to corporate and site safety procedures is mandatory
  • This position involves occasional exposure to high magnetic fields and routine exposure to magnetic fields above 5 gauss. Individuals with pacemakers, automatic defibrillators, or similar implants are physically disqualified from this position. Individuals with other implanted metallic materials must be considered on a case by case basis, per medical advice from the candidate’s physician and company policy
  • Occasional weekend work is required
  • Travel may be in excess of 50% at times

    Please submit resume to:

    Mevion Medical Systems, Inc. offers competitive compensation and benefits.
    Mevion Medical Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.